Grooming shouldn't be stressful.

We know that a trip to the groomer is an interruption in your pet's usual activities. All too often, this triggers anxiety and stress in your best friend.

But grooming shouldn't be stressful. That's why we take care to provide the calming, attentive experience your pet deserves. Our gentle scrubbing, a soothing brushing, and rejuvenating shampoos leave your pet happy and fresh every time they visit The Pet Fair.

Your pet deserves personalized service.

We know that each dog or cat is unique. From skin allergies to individual temperaments to rough and tumble coats, our professional stylists are able to provide personal interaction to guarantee happy, healthy pets.

Columbia, MO pet grooming and boarding | The Pet Fair

Attention and relaxation.

A day at our doggie spa is relaxing. Gentle scrubbing and a loving brushing soothe the tired muscles, while rejuvenating shampoos wash away irritants. A stylish new haircut crafted with care controls shedding and leaves your pup

Columbia, MO dog grooming and pet boarding | The Pet Fair

Top-tier stylists

Personal interaction with your professional stylist guarantees every angle and detail of the finishing cut to be exactly the way you envisioned.  All of our stylists participate annually by attending pet grooming conventions to ensure you receive updated techniques and modern breed cuts to standard.