Please fill out our new client information form and submit prior to your pets first visit.

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Todays Date
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Significant Other Name
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Emergency Contact Authorized to pick up pet
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Secondary Contact Authorized to pick up pet
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Primary Veterinarian Phone Number
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Primary Veterinarian Emergency Number (if available)
Are vaccinations up to date? *
A copy of all vaccinations is required prior to or at the time you drop off your pet. They can be faxed to 573-445-9257 or emailed to or a copy furnished to the Pet Fair at the time of drop off.
Emergency Care *
In the event of an after hours emergency and we are unable to get into contact with your veterinarian, we will have your pet cared for by the University of Missouri Veterinary Service. We will attempt to contact you prior to taking your pet to be seen at the University. You understand that you are responsible to pay for any and all veterinary care expenses related to your pet.
Please list all medications and instructions on administration (including frequency/amount). Please include any other medical conditions, allergies or skin condition, ect (if none please enter None)
Please list your pets current dietary needs including when they are feed and the amount. We typically feed twice per day but will accommodate any schedule. Include any special dietary needs. We feed Taste of the Wild but you are welcome to bring your pets own food.
May we add fortiflora or endosorbe for soft stool? *
Would you like us to add canned food if your pet is not eating well? *
Has your pet been boarded before? *
Please describe how you pet reacts around strangers and other cats and dogs.
Has your pet shown signs of aggression when their food or toy is taken away *
Has your pet ever bitten or broken the skin of anyone or another animal? *
Is your pet an "escape" artist?; for example do they climb/jump over or dig under fences? *
Is your pet housebroken? *
Does your pet shred toys, pull our stuffing or destroy bedding? *
Does your pet(s) suffer from any stormy or bad weather phobias? *
Please let us know how you heard about us.
1. Please be prepared to spend 10-15 minutes discussing your pets needs during their stay. Filling out this form completely will expedite the process. 2. All guest MUST be up to date on their vaccinations prior to check-in. If you have not previously had your pets records sent to The Pet Fair, please be prepared to provide current records for DHLP, Rabies and Bordetella for our canine guests and FELV, FVRCP and Rabies for our feline guests. 3. Any pet found to have fleas and/or ticks will be treated with Advantage, Frontline or Capstar at the owner's expense. 4. While personal items (blankets, toys ect)I are allowed to be with your pet while in their room, The Pet Fair may not be held responsible for these items. 5. Please bring all food, treats and medications pre-packed into individual servings to ensure pets will not run our during their stay.
Please select "Yes" to indicate that you have read and agree to the Overnight Boarding Policies of The Pet Fair *
Pets sharing a space *
I give permission for my pets to stay together and understand that I am responsible for any treatment needed for any aggression occurring their stay. I also understand that they may be separated should such issues arise and that I will be charged the cost of the additional room. I understand that their is no overnight supervision at The Pet Fair and The Pet Fair is not responsible for any injury or death occurring during that time.
Client Release of Liability Agreement *
I will not hold The Pet Fair or it's staff responsible if my pet(s) should injure themselves, refuse food, become ill or die while staying at The Pet Fair in the absence of gross negligence. I also realize that I am responsible for payment of any treatment required for my pet(s) due to any of the above issues. I hereby authorize The Pet Fair and it's employees to do whatever is deemed necessary for the safety, health and well-being of my pet while under the care of The Pet Fair. By selecting and signing below I acknowledge that I have read this agreement and release of liability in its entirety and agree to it and all other Pet Fair policies above. This agreement shall be binding for every time services are rendered by The Pet Fair on my behalf.
Please electronically sign in the box below indicating you agree and accept the terms of this form in perpetuity.